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medical health products - כפועל יוצא מן המהלך של השינוי התפיסתי
והשיווקי שנעשה בחברה, של הרחבת הפעילות לתחום מוצרים פורצי דרך
בתחומי הבריאות והרפואה כוללים,ולא רק מוצרים טבעיים ותוספי תזונה.
הלוגו החדש שנבחר ילווה ויקיף את כל מוצרי החברה, והוא משדר מסרים של בריאות,טבע וחדשנות.
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Medical Health Products
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Medical Health Products
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Aroma Life - Medical Health Products

The Company
Aroma Life is one of Israel’s largest importers and marketing enterprises in the field of the health product medication, nutritional supplement, vitamin and medical device categories. In addition to Aroma Life's import and marketing activities – Aroma Life is involved very intensely in the development of unique and novel products that have proven a great success – one example of which – a joint collaboration with Teva with the launching of Phytoguard – a food supplement developed by Aroma-Life and marketed in conjunction with Teva throughout the Israeli market.

Founded in 1997 by three partners, who shared a common vision of developing original health products, Aroma Life has become a successful marketing company cooperating with leading research laboratories, pharmacists, physicians, nutritionists and food engineers in the development of innovative health products for the welfare of the general public.

Aroma Life represents numerous leading health product manufacturers from around the world including Primavera - essential oils from Germany, Dr. Hauschka organic cosmetics from Germany, Floragyn -  gynecological products from Italy and more.

Aroma Life is currently a leader on the Israeli market in a number of categories:

* Vitamins for childrenMedibear series of children's vitamins; Dora the Explorer Vitamin C & Multivitamin.
* Aromatherapy – the Primavera Life essential oils.
* Homeopathy for babies – the “Dr. Yanshuf” (Dr. Owl) series of homeopathic baby syrups.
* Omega 3 – the TRIOGUARD series.
* PEGLAX – the solution to constipation without addiction.
* ALGICAL- the solution for  heartburn and reflux.
* Gynecological productsFloragyn series of products including Floragyn ovules, Floragyn Lavage and Floragyn gel.
* Phytoguard - food  supplement for reduction of cholesterol.
* CoQ10 – Ultrasome Q-10 clinically proven Q-10.
* TEVA – exclusive distribution rights for a wide range of products.
* CURADEN (SWISS)  - top quality dental apparatus.
* BST – Bed Sore Treatment – patented apparatus for the treatment of bed sores. Clinically proven.

The products are sold at over 1,500 points of sale throughout Israel, including pharmaceutical chains, hospitals, pharmacies, natural products stories, and retirement homes.



Aroma Life has developed unique marketing methodologies and processes. With an extensive marketing infrastructure, which includes promotional and sales teams, and one of the world’s best distribution systems, reaching over 3,500 points daily. The company’s distribution infrastructure makes it possible for its products to reach the end consumer without the touch of a human hand.

Training and promotion

Aroma Life believes in enhancing the public’s awareness and knowledge in the matters that constitute the company’s core business. The company invests considerable resources in conferences for doctors and pharmacists - the direct link to the  consumer. Training seminars, workshops and consultations on topics concerning product development are all part of Aroma Life's belief that education and awareness are the key to the promotion of its products and their effectiveness on the consumers wellbeing and health.  Clinical trials and their publications are also part of the promotion resources used.

Vitamins for children
- Medibear and Dora The Explorer
Food supplements for children -  these ground-breaking products are the result of original Israeli research and development. The vitamins are uniquely served to the children in the form of chewy candy shaped like teddy bears. These products are exported to Europe, the US and South America.

PRIMAVERA LIFE- Essential oils
Aroma Life is the exclusive local representative of Primavera Life – Germany, one of the world’s leading companies in the production of pure high-quality ethereal oil. Aroma Life has succeeded in making these oil products the leading brand, with a local market share of over 50%.

Three products in this category – Trioguard Kids, Trioguard and Trioguard 9 month - for children and adults in various dosages, based on recommendations by doctors and the FDA.

Dr Yanshuf (Dr. Owl) - Homeopathic syrups for children and babies
The “Dr. Yanshuf” (Dr. Owl) series of syrups, by the French company Dolisos, for the treatment of various problems, such as gas and gum pain in babies. Aroma Life is the sole distributor for these products.

FLORAGYN - Gynecological Products
The Floragyn series of products comprises of Floragyn ovules, Floragyn Lavage and Floragyn Gel – all three products developed in order to maintain feminine hygiene.

GASTRO- Peglax and Algical
The Peglax and Algical series were developed in cooperation with gastroenterology institutes and community physicians. These series, which include products based solely on natural ingredients, are innovative breakthroughs in non-addictive natural treatment of constipation (Peglax)  and heartburn (Algical and Algical Kids).

A comprehensive dietary approach- reduces LDL "bad" cholesterol, Triglyceride levels and total/HDL cholesterol ratio. It also  maintains HDL "good"  cholesterol levels and optimal absorption of Beta Carotene.

CURADEN-SWISS – the leading oral care people.
Aroma Life is the exclusive distributor for this range of dental products. 

TEVA – exclusive distribution for a wide range of Teva's products.

Q-10 – UltrasomeQ-10 – Clinically proven
Food supplement containing Coenzyme Q10 based on a unique patented technology called Ultrasome.I Improves drastically the absorption of non water soluble food supplements.

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